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It's a Family Business!

Tucked away within our own land just two miles out of Yarm, we set up Kirkwood dog activity field as we realised not everyone had the space to really let their dogs run as free and safely as we could. Growing up on a farm we always had collies and retrievers. The collies for working the sheep and the retrievers for game work. We still have retrievers and Setters which we work and breed so the field is also the perfect place for us to hone our training. Our children have taken on the same love and care for dogs and the field, making sure the grass is cut and the site is safe, secure and looking tidy ready for you and your dogs!


Why use Kirkwood Dog Activity Field?

Kirkwood Dog Activity Field covers approximately two and a half acres. It is completely secluded, with over five feet high, purpose made netting allowing users somewhere to relax when exercising their dogs. No more worrying about meeting aggressive, boisterous, over-sexed or out of control dogs. Being at Kirkwood removes other possible problems such as cars, footballers, joggers, cyclists, walkers or family groups. As well as all the advantages listed above, we live in an age when sadly there are daily reports of dogs being stolen or out of control dog attacks whilst out on walks, being at Kirkwood takes all of that worry away.

When hiring our dog field you can rest assured that Kirkwood Dog Activity Field offers a safe and secure environment for you and your dog. Come, walk, enjoy!


Whatever the weather, we make Fun easy and comfortable...

We have equipped the field with over twelve activities including agility, weaves and jumps and target boards for you to practise your ball throwing aim. Sand pit and water splash will be added within the next month for those who need a little bit more of a spa session! We have also installed a field shelter, a perfect place to drink your illy coffee from our coffee shop bistro in inclement weather whilst your dog has a great time! 

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